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Born on February 20, 2001, Kyle Olani Adams' art journey began at age 3 on the side of the refrigerator where he and father, Alonzo would paint side by side on large sheets of paper. Alonzo would direct Kyle’s efforts and Kyle would frequently reach across to embellish his father’s work in return. As a young child, Kyle could often be found in a quiet corner drawing, coloring and trying his hand at various other crafts. He painted every single color-by-number kit Michael’s and AC Moore had to offer and visited frequently looking for new craft projects to try. An old pine tree, the back side of the house, several car windows and even part of a wall in his father's gallery were all beneficiaries of Kyle’s fledgling artistic talents. 


Kyle’s academic art career began when Kyle’s school closed unexpectedly two weeks before he was to begin 7th grade, the only space available for him was in an honor’s academic track in the local performing arts high school, Plainfield Academy for the Arts and Advanced Studies. He entered the Visual Arts program studying under instructor Paola Rached. Within six weeks his figurative drawing skills blossomed. He went on to graduate as 8th grade class Valedictorian with several successful art exhibitions under his belt. Kyle was accepted into the UC Tech School of Design program for high school where he took a 3-year hiatus from figurative art to explore other art forms such as photography, video and graphic design. He finished high school with a senior year bridge program at Kean University’s Michael Graves College - Robert Busch School of Design, studying under Mark Romanoski. He credits Mark with reigniting his passion for figurative art.

In 2015, Kyle, fueled by his ambition and creativity, Kyle created Prestige. It first functioned as a small media production company, focused on offering freelance photography and video services. In 2017, Kyle ventured into the sports media space, creating a platform to support and establish the careers of basketball players in the state of New Jersey. Within this space, Prestige content has been featured in publications such as Sports Illustrated, BleacherReport, and ESPN. After beginning undergrad at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA, founder, Kyle is using his major in Media Studies and Production with a Minor in Africology to build his platform to creatively support and establish careers in the arts and entertainment industry. Today, Prestige is looking to spark a "renaissance" in media by using visual art, media production and creative brand strategy to push more positive narratives for underrepresented individuals in mainstream media. As his visual art career continues to blossom, Kyle's current goal is to use his gift to create a more victorious consciousness for African Americans. 

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